Pet Care - Paw Butter

$ 9.47

PAW BUTTER soothes and moisturizes rough, scratchy paws and adds protection from hot sidewalks, icy yards, snow and the wear in tear on their paws. Rich oils and butters, plus herbal infusions, as seen above, address and support the needs of the thicker tissue of the paw pads.


  • Tin – Massage a bit appropriate for their size paw pads into the pads
  • Apply 2-3x a day for 2-3 days until paws improve
  • Then as needed for maintenance (1-3x weekly on average)


  • To keep your dog from licking PAW BUTTER off before it can get its work done try the following
  • Give a cookie or treat before and after application (added benefit – they soon associate PAW BUTTER with yummy treats)
  • Feed dinner (extra yummy)
  • Play a game