Pet Care - Dog Aromatherapy

$ 9.47


RELAX is an easy to use custom aromatherapy oil blend to help dogs relax. Our more savvy customers are searching for alternative products to harsh chemicals and drugs for calming stressed out dogs. Something to take the edge off, but not drug them into unconsciousness. Something with gentler ingredients and no after effects. RELAX Roll-On Aromatherapy is all of that and more. Not only does it help you dog relax, it will help calm you down also. I feel calmer just typing that!


When a stressful event occurs, or before it, if at all possible, take a deep breath, and calm yourself first! THEN roll the Relax on your dog, as you did in this initial connection. Calmly and gently tell them all is good.

Here comes the hard part. Try not rush to that energy of “Oh, you poor thing, scared by the thunderstorm.” Reassure your dog without buying into their panic.

If we reassure them too much, they often feel as if they are being rewarded for BEING afraid!

To use on yourself, roll it on your wrist and/or neck (pulse points), to get the maximum effect. Your dog anxiety treatment can be of immense help to you also!