Additional Information

All rights reserved.  All photographs, products and product descriptions that are displayed in our marketing materials, website, social media, or anywhere else that a Three Humans & A Dog Company logo or label is found, is legal property of Three Humans & A Dog Company.

By Law, you are not able to use the contents or photos for any reason without prior written permission from Three Humans & A Dog Company.  


Please make sure you review and understand all of our policies and procedures before completing your purchase.


Three Humans & A Dog Company is not responsible for any accidents that you or your pet may experience by handling or using our products.

 Here are some safety reminders:

  • Never leave accessories or clothing on your pet while he/she is unattended
  • Make sure that you check the fitting of all pet leashes, collars, clothing, accessories, and that you check them frequently to avoid any accidents or harm.  
  • The products we provide, unless specified within the product description, are not meant to be worn while the dog is tied by a rope or chain, or when left in a concealed environment.  
  • Remove all accessories and/or clothing while bathing your pet, unless the item is meant specifically for bathing purposes.  


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