About Us

Three Humans & A Dog Company is a faith filled company that was birthed out of our family’s dynamic that includes exactly what our name spells out. The Acosta Family that consist of Marcus, Zaida & Nikki Acosta, “The Humans”, and our Rat Terrier, Brownie, “A Dog”. We believe our pets make us happier people.  Although Brownie is no longer with us, the love with had for her will never be forgotten.  Today, we have a vibrant and energized Maltipoo, Zoey.  

As a family we take care of and look out for each other. We help each other get dressed, we cook and eat together, we travel together and even pray together. Brownie has been with our family for 10 years now, and she has brought so much love, companionship, joy, laughter, and we have built such great memories, which we cherish. 

The items you find in our store have been especially selected to represent the uniqueness of our family’s bond, our lifestyle and passion for our furry family member. Our fashions, accessories, and toys are special and are meant to help our four paw friends feel like the beautiful special creations they are! We love to see how our furry fashionistas look, how they love to play and relax.  We bring a twist to the ordinary by selecting products that may be common in use, but carry a flare in their look, texture, style or shape. You will also find products that are unique to just our shop. 

Throughout our online store, you will find products that we have manufactured in our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, and other items that we have been created by our global renown partners. But no matter who makes them, they all meet the high standards that we expect as if we were buying it for our own Brownie.

We know that you will have a great experience in shopping on our online store and will invite your family and friends to do the same.

We invite you to explore Three Humans & A Dog Company through our social media connections via: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest.

God has blessed us with being able to bring our dream into reality and He continues to bless us by developing great relationships with you and your furry family.

The Entire Acosta Family 

Hi, I'm Brownie Acosta!