You Had Me At Woof October 20, 2016 16:00

You Had Me At Woof

Today I was reflecting on my love for Brownie and the changes that I have seen in her in the last year. Brownie is a pure breed Rat Terrier who has been full of life and love.  She was easily trained and was so easy to take care of.  People would come into our house and not even know that we had a dog because she was so quiet and never barked. 

She has been with us through ups and downs, many moves, many vacations and road trips.  Brownie is now 12 which in doggie years…honestly, I am not even sure how old that makes her in dog years, but its around 60-62 years old based on Pedigree, lol!

So why am I writing this? I guess I am trying to deal with the fact that she has gotten old and one day we will lose her. 

As some of you may know, she was bitten by what we think was a spider after last Thanksgiving. This has caused a snowball effect on her health.  About five months ago, she all of a sudden lost her sight, and eventually went blind. 

I have noticed that she has slowed down a lot and is having a hard time doing things that seemed to come so easily to her- walking around, having the energy to play, getting out of her bed… even at the smell of food. Now being blind, she can’t go up the stairs or jump into the car when we take her for a ride.  Although she seems to be liking the extra attention, you can see in her eyes that she, too, is feeling the changes. And because of her new needs, our daily routines look different to when she was healthier.

With this new season at hand with her, I decided to turn to my online BFF, Google, lol. I looked up caring for a senior dog and all the symptoms that Brownie has been showing were listed. 

By reading these articles, it gave me some peace of mind to know that her changes seem normal for an aging dog

Although it saddens me to the point of tears, to think of one day not having her around, I have to come to embrace every moment and day that I have her with me. Instead of allowing it to worry me, I will live in the moment, and give her lots of kissy kissys and snuggle up with her.

If you happen to also have a senior dog, here are some articles that helped me, and may help you.

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