A Perfect Fit - How to place a dog bandana on the collar for a Perfect Fit! October 1, 2015 19:47 1 Comment

Three Humans & A Dog Company offers bandanas that are A Perfect Fit!  Our bandanas are meant to be worn with a collar which guarantees that they will never fall off.  They have fabulous fabric patterns on both sides and they can be worn on the back or front for a great chic look.  

Get your doggie or kitty ready for the Harvest and Fall season with these great bandanas.  Zaida, our Design Director, has put together some fabulous fabric mixes that are sure to make your furry friend look glam or you can customize your bandanas with our customizing tool by selecting your choice of fabric for the front and back sides.  

I have put together an illustration video that will show you how these great bandanas are to be worn. Brownie, our 10 year old Rat Terrier was a great model in this shot; I am sure you will agree after you see her looking sassy and offering me some love.  

Displayed in this video is one of our newest collars, the Reflector Collar with Night Light.  This is a great collar that provides a reflective stripe and a light box.  The light box has a clicker that can be set to three different settings.  This collar provides added safety while you are walking your pet in the evening, or while you release them into the yard at night to, well, "take care of business".  

Here is the video:


Here are the two products included in the video:

This is our Orange Paisley with Little Bones Bandana offered in XS, S, M, XL:

These are the Reflector Collar with Night Light S, M, L, XL:


Visit us online at: for these and a look at our entire line of bandanas, bowties, and so much more.