PET SUFFOCATION AWARENESS November 17, 2016 16:00

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Recently I was made aware of the dangers involving our furry friends and plastic potato chip bags.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video of a dog eating out of a bag of chips not realizing the dangers it can cause. The video was adorable, and I didn’t think much of it until one of our followers shared her story. WOW, what an eye opener!  After really thinking it through and doing some research on the subject, I wanted to take the time and share what I found.  This is something that we humans think of as funny, but one talk with a vet can make you aware of how often and fatal it can be. 

The story of one of our followers started with a bag of chips left on the counter.  The bag was far back in a corner and it was clipped.  Unfortunately, her seven-month old doggie liked what he smelled so much that he found his way to it.  She arrived home from work to find him with his nose trapped inside. 

I can’t even imagine coming home to such a devastating situation….how horrible!

Here are some of the facts:

  • Be aware of that pet suffocation in snacks, and other bags happens and it happens quickly. And it happens to both dogs and cats.  You want to be aware that it can happen with any type of bag; snack, cereal, pet food and resealable bags.  It can even happen with no bags, such as Pringles tubes, hard plastic containers with narrow openings, and plastic six-pack rings.   
  • Common Myths to reconsider:
    • My dog wouldn't do this. Truth: You never really know until you know.
    • My dog is too big for this to happen. Truth: Often large and giant breed dogs have succumbed to chip and other bag suffocations.
    • It only happens to dogs. Truth: While it does happen more often to dogs, it does indeed happen to cats, as well.

 Here are some tips that I found in the event that this happens to you:

  • Remain calm as quick decisions are not always the best ones
  • Remove the bag from your pet’s head
  • Feel for a pulse and watch for breathing – if they are abnormally slow or absent, begin immediate CPR

Always remember that while we are not at home, our furry friends become curious.  Never underestimate their skill of finding or getting into things that could hurt them. 

I hope that this has brought awareness and will help you protect your furry friend.

We Love Your Pets!

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