Against All Odds October 13, 2016 16:08

Hello my awesome friends!

Recently we had our first vendor show at DogFest Walk n’ roll festival in Charlotte. Much to my surprise I really was not aware of the depth of this cause. I was left in awe because my vision for Three Humans And A Dog is to be able to sponsor a canine companion to someone in need. My love for Brownie deepened when my daughter left to college leaving me with empty nest syndrome…LOL.  Everything I did was solely based around her. Birthing my love for dogs.

 Let me introduce you to Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).

This organization is a non-profit. It helps people with disabilities by providing highly trained dogs.  These dogs assist adults and children with physical disabilities by helping them perform daily task. WOW, I cried of course.

How is it that our 4 legged furry friends can be trained do so much for us. WOW…is all I can say.

They are also trained to help alert the blind, deaf and to help children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities. This is simply amazing! 

Just to think that over $50,000 are invested into each of these amazing dogs, but these furry friends are actually provided free of charge to the person that they are given to. 

I couldn't imagine what it feels like for a disabled person to now have a canine companion to help them do their normal everyday tasks. The experience must be life-changing. 

If you have been touched as much as I have and are interested in supporting Canine Companions, you can by making an online donation on their website,

What an amazing organization to be part of. I look forward to the day I am able to fulfill my vision.

We love your pets,


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